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Started in 1984

Back in 1984, the idea of creating a new car club in the Grand Valley was hatched by three men over coffee at Otto's Restaurant in Fruita. Shortly thereafter, 19 people would gather at Otto's to conduct the club's first official meeting. It was at that meeting that our club's forefathers laid a foundation of what the club would become. First and foremost, it was going to be a club that was non-exclusive and FUN to belong to. The stigma of a "cliquey" car club was not going to be allowed here.



A large part of our passion for automobiles involves driving, showing, and most importantly SHARING our "babies" with those who enjoy seeing and experiencing them. We keep very busy during the warmer months attending displays, shows, parades, and cruises. Most of our member's vehicles are driven, both close and far away, to the events we attend. We don't look down on vehicles that are at such a valuable level that they need to be trailed to events, but most of us prefer the "full experience" of driving our cars to the destination.

We often joke about Wheels West being an eating club with a car disorder, but there is a lot of truth to that statement! Most of our activities revolve around food and socializing. Whether it's a weekly get-together, a destination day cruise, an occasional gathering, or a full-blown car show, you can bet there's going to be food involved.


Who can join

The key requirement of becoming a Wheels West member, as decided during the creation of the club, is that you only need to have an interest in automobiles. It doesn't matter what year it is.  It doesn't matter what make it is.  It doesn't matter what style it is. HECK... we don't care whether or not you even OWN a specialty vehicle.  We just want to share a passion of automobiles with you! What we pride ourselves most on, and very possibly the biggest reason we continue to grow, is that we are a FAMILY of enthusiasts who welcome ANYONE to become part of our family.



Using our special vehicles to bring a little joy and happiness to others also ranks very high on our priority list.

Wheels West members regularly host or attend events that benefit special groups in an emotional way, a financial way, or oftentimes both. Most of our members choose to attend those car shows that have been created to benefit charitable causes.

We also thoroughly enjoy attending events that are designed to "take the show to those who can't get to it". The enjoyment that people get from seeing our vehicles when they normally can't get out and about is priceless.



Being part of such a large and diverse family has a lot of benefits. Beyond the fun of getting together with a bunch of other car nuts, there's a lot to be said for all the great people that make up our family. Whether you need help figuring out a problem with your vehicle, you're looking for someone to join you on a cruise, or you need a little emotional support because of a difficult situation, there's always someone there if you need them. A lot of us believe in our club as strongly as we do because of the bond that forms between members. Wheels West Car Club is a great place to call home.

Wheels West Car Club exists for the preservation of street rods and all classic cars old and new thru the fellowship of its members.

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