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Our Club Officers

Jim Didier_edited.jpg


James Didier

Jim Didier

Jim joined Wheels West in 2015 and has been on the Board since 2020.  Jim has enjoyed the club family since his induction.  He was also in Domes car club in East Los Angeles in his youth.  In his later years, James established James Automotive specializing in Rods and Classic Cars, the last two cars he built were for himself, and then he retired.

Linda DeRose_edited.jpg


Linda De Rose

Linda graciously took over the Treasurer's position in April of 2021.  We are thankful for her willingness to step into this position and look forward to her help keeping all matters of finance in order in our club.

Frank Graziano_edited.jpg

Vice -President

Frank Graziano

Frank Graziano Vice-President for 2023 also runs the Mike the Headless Chicken Car Show and handles Apparel purchases.

Dan Shern_edited.jpg


Dan Shern

Dan Shern was voted in and seconded for Secretary for 2023.

Burney Robinson_edited.jpg

Cruise Chairperson

Burney Robinson

Burney is one of the original founders of Wheels West Car Club. Since 1984, Burney and his wife Sally have been welcoming new members to this wonderful organization of automotive enthusiasts.

Gail & Jackie Hunt_edited.jpg

Activities Chairpeople

Gail & Jackie Hunt

Parades, Picnics & Potlucks


Earl and Joan Harris_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Sergeant of Arms

and Sunshine Lady

Earl and Joan Harris

Members since 2003,  Past President, Treasurer and Board Member.  Earl and his wife Joan enjoy the friendships and numerous activities of the Club.

Wear Your Name Tag

ID Badges

Leroy and Patty Arguello

Members for more that two years, they have been in the business community in the Valley for many years.

Cruise Chairperson

2nd Cruise Chairperson

Garry Watts_edited.jpg


Garry Watts

Past President, Board Member and Newsletter Creator.

Frank Jorgensen_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Coffee Czar

Frank Jorgensen

I bring the Donuts

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